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What’s on Your Summer Reading List

What's on Your Summer Reading List I still remember hearing Jim Rohn speak 20 years ago and his main message was, Where you end up 5 or 10 years from now will depend primarily on the books you read and the people you hang out with. Today I read an article by David...

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Graduation Inspires “Big Thoughts”

Graduation Inspires "Big Thoughts" This is the time of year that students who are graduating (and their parents) take time to look back while at the same time look forward and plan for the future. It has made me think of a couple of clients who came to me at at a time...

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“Seven Years Down the Drain”

One of the craziest lines in the 1978 movie 'Animal House' was John "Bluto" Blutarsky bemoaning 'seven years down the drain' when his entire fraternity was about to get expelled from school. It was funny because it was hard to imagine a college student spending seven...

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Using the Holidays to Focus on Your Major

High school and college students are always pressed for time - it's part of their life. And they will soon come to realize that this lack of time doesn't go away after graduation, it gets more intense. But the holiday season is a good time for most of them to stop and...

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How Is This Recovery Different?

Last night I was reading Thomas Friedman's book, That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World it Invented and How We Can Get it Back. In Section FOUR - Up in the Air, there is a sub-section called Creators and Servers. In this section Friedman explains how...

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Planning College Exit Starts In High School

In the last month I have spoken to two high school parent groups, and one group made up of parents and students. Combined, there were over 150 parents and about 50 students who attended. The focus of all of these talks was that there are four major components of the...

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