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Interests are Over-rated!

By Mike McCormack One of my biggest pet peeves is how much emphasis young adults (and many consultants) put on interests when making career choices. It is also amazing how many assessment instruments there are for interests – and how many people think they are just as...

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Myth Busting: They Will Figure It Out In College

Most parents think it is O.K. to send their kids off to college to figure things out - things like what they will do with the rest of their lives - because that is where most of us started to figure things out. The problem is we live in a different world now! When we...

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When Should Students Start Thinking About Careers?

On March 17, 2014 the Wall Street Journal published an article with the headline, "Using Salary Prospects to Choose a College Major". In it, they covered two topics that we talk about often with our clients: What information should they use when choosing a career (and...

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My Wife Believes This

My wife and I use to argue (I mean, get into discussions) all the time when our kids lived at home about whether we should let our teenagers sleep later, or get them up to get stuff done on weekends. I was coming from the old school perspective, coming from my...

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Colleges Feeling the Heat – or They Will Soon

This week I was speaking to a group of parents who will soon be sending there children off to college. I had made the comment during my presentation that colleges don't really measure their results, at least not of how well their students do after graduation. Almost...

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How Does Your High School Compare?

This might be funny - If it weren't TRUE! Parents and students who have heard me speak have heard me talk have heard about the four reasons why so many college students (69%) don't graduate in four years. Number two on that list is that many of our high schools are...

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